Welcome to the Food Loose Blog: Your Guide to Perth’s Best Food & Drink

At Food Loose good food and drink isn’t just a job for us, it’s an obsession. When we’re not busy running tours we pretty much spend most of our time eating and drinking our way around the city. The best … Read More

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Food Loose’s Top 5 Cocktail Bars

A good cocktail really is a magical thing. In the hands of the right bartender, a selection of ingredients can be transformed into something greater than the sum of its parts. A mixture of knowledge, skill, theatre, customer service, speed … Read More

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Kopi Time: New Authentic Malaysian in Fremantle

Malaysian food is definitely one of my favourite types of Asian cuisine. It has a fantastic mixture of Chinese and Indian influences and is full of big, bold, spicy flavours that tingle your taste buds and satisfy you to the … Read More

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Food Loose’s Top 5 Fremantle Brunch Spots

Ah brunch, is there a better thing in all of the world? It’s the perfect fusion of meals that proves that a good sleep in and some amazing breakfast food don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Add to that equation … Read More

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James Parker Sushi & Sake – A New Food Loose Favourite

So, I felt like a right dumbo when I kept asking myself “Why a name like James Parker for a Japanese Restaurant? Sounds a bit Westernised. Maybe it’s a chain? But it sounds more like a fashion label than an … Read More

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