Food Loose’s Top 5 Cocktail Bars

A good cocktail really is a magical thing. In the hands of the right bartender, a selection of ingredients can be transformed into something greater than the sum of its parts. A mixture of knowledge, skill, theatre,…

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Food Loose’s Top 5 Fremantle Brunch Spots

By: Justin Blackford (Food Loose Foodie Expert) Ah brunch, is there a better thing in all of the world? It’s the perfect fusion of meals that proves that a good sleep in and some amazing breakfast food don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Add to that equation the fact that it magically makes pre-midday drinking…

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James Parker Sushi & Sake – A New Food Loose Favourite

By: Natalie Lewis (Food Loose Foodie Expert) So, I felt like a right dumbo when I kept asking myself “Why a name like James Parker for a Japanese Restaurant?  Sounds a bit Westernised.  Maybe it’s a chain?  But it sounds more like a fashion label than an establishment of fine food!”  I was half way…

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Pestorama (or recipes and ideas for when you have an excess of home gown basil)

By: Justin Blackford (Food Loose Foodie Expert) Different cultures around the world have different definitions of adulthood. There are numerous age qualifications, rituals and ceremonies that mark the passage from childhood into the world of grown-ups. Personally speaking I think that life events are a more accurate way of measuring adulthood than some arbitrarily set…

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Welcome to the Food Loose Blog: Your Guide to Perth’s Best Food & Drink

At Food Loose good food and drink isn’t just a job for us, it’s an obsession. When we’re not busy running tours we pretty much spend most of our time eating and drinking our way around the city. The best thing about Perth these days, in our eyes at least, is that there are just…

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