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Are you sick and tired of boring, awkward work functions?

  • Have you ever suffered through a nightmare of a work social function or celebration?
  • Been to a dinner where you’re stuck sitting next to people you don’t know or attended drinks where people struggled to find things to say to one another?
  • Are you in charge of organizing things and are struggling to come up with an original idea that everyone will enjoy?

In addition to being painful for everyone involved, poor work functions can actually have a negative impact on your business. A team that is able to bond and socialize well is guaranteed to be more productive, so missing out on opportunities to encourage this will actually hurt your bottom line.

At Food Loose we can put together a fun and dynamic eating adventure tailored to your exact needs. Chock full of amazing food & great drinks as well as lots of entertaining games, challenges and activities, it’ll give your staff a great experience that will help them to become a happier, more cohesive unit.

For those of you out there making the arrangements, we’re more than happy to take the stress and hassle out of organizing everything and making sure that everyone has a ball. All you have to do is sit back and take the credit from your boss and colleagues for showing them such a good time!

So if you’re looking for an original, fun idea for your next work do that is going to be surefire hit with everyone then email us at [email protected] to request an information pack (if you’re organizing the event remember to ask about our free trial tour offer).


For inquiries and bookings:

Email us at [email protected]

“Our team events usually consist of lunches or similar, but this time I wanted to organise something to encourage further engagement amongst our team, with some interactive components and of course, fun along the way! The guys at Food Loose did a fabulous job in designing a corporate tour for us, and were very accommodating to our needs. It’s quite difficult to keep a team of 30 happy but the event was very well received and everyone had such a great time. A tour with Food Loose is highly recommended for great corporate team building! Thanks again for a great afternoon/evening, we will be back!”
– Kirsty Smith, Grant Thornton Accountants

“The Shell team had a fantastic experience with Food Loose Tours. Team building tasks, expert local knowledge and plenty of food and drink made the night thoroughly enjoyable and memorable for the whole team. We would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a great night out in Perth, fantastic value and fantastic fun!”
– Samantha Palmer, Shell Australia

“Our team is always looking for different events to do together. We spent the evening exploring Northbridge and the various restaurants, bars and pockets that it has to offer. The team had a really good time and we would definitely recommend it!”
– Cinzia Braghin, Accenture Australia

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