James Parker Sushi & Sake – A New Food Loose Favourite

So, I felt like a right dumbo when I kept asking myself “Why a name like James Parker for a Japanese Restaurant? Sounds a bit Westernised. Maybe it’s a chain? But it sounds more like a fashion label than an establishment of fine food!” I was half way there when I realised the address was 120 James Street, coincidence maybe? And the Parker bit had me perplexed… Well, guess what? It’s on the corner of Parker and James streets! OH!!!!! Now I get it! ​

​Anyway, I thought I would share with you that this place rocks as far as a great looking Asian restaurant for reasonably priced and amazingly fresh Japanese food. I took a friend with me as she is notoriously tricky to eat out with unless there’s a haloumi salad and fries on the menu, but since she is a pescatarian (well, she’s vegetarian but she does eat salmon and tuna), I figured this would be a good option for her, and sure enough, she was really impressed. Who am I kidding, we both were!

They have an awesome variety for sharing, options for those with small appetites and those that need large portions or multiple dishes to satisfy a big appetite. The menu ranges from incredibly sophisticated mixed sashimi bowls to a whole range of tempura (we had the 4 kinds of mushroom – which looks like a mermaid’s main meal), all kinds of sushi that is generous in it’s portions with a lot of flair, whole grilled fish and tempting wagyu beef dishes (those are for another time when I am dining sans veggo companion), rice and noodle dishes as well as creative salads that are fresh and exciting! All of it is so well presented, it’s an Instagrammer’s dream.

We shared:

  • 6x mini piece of raw fresh tuna sushi $6
  • 6x mini piece of raw fresh salmon sushi $6
  • 4 kinds of mushroom tempura $19
  • Lotus, edamame & abouraage salad $15
  • cold oolong tea and hot green tea

Total spend: $53

Fullness factor: we didn’t need anything for dessert and left guilt-free of eating fresh and not overdoing it

Plus, the decor makes you feel like you’re in Tokyo! The awesome wooden tunnel structure at the entrance is certainly mesmerising as you walk in and although there is a cool sophistication about the place, there were families with babies, young cools cats and us in our jeans and sandals that made up the clientele. It’s non-pretentious, with really attentive service and just darn good food that works for ALL the types.

I give it a Food Loose thumbs up!

James Parker Sushi & Sake
2/182 James St
Northbridge, WA 6003

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