Kopi Time: New Authentic Malaysian in Fremantle

Malaysian food is definitely one of my favourite types of Asian cuisine. It has a fantastic mixture of Chinese and Indian influences and is full of big, bold, spicy flavours that tingle your taste buds and satisfy you to the depths of your soul. Living in Fremantle as I do, I normally have to trek all the way into Northbridge to get my fill of proper, authentic Malaysian delights, so when I saw that a new Malaysian joint had opened up at the front of the Fremantle Markets a few weeks ago I couldn’t wait to get in there to see if it was the real deal.

Well, my dear Food Loosers, I’m happy to report that Kopi Time was everything that I hoped it would be! Run by a husband and wife team from Kuala Lumpur, their food definitely hit my two major requirements for good Malaysian – authenticity and value for money.

Firstly I inquired about their roti canai (a kind of crispy, fried flatbread served with a dipping sauce) to see if it was the real handmade deal or one of the frozen ones from a packet that you sometimes get. To my great pleasure I was told that it was indeed the real McCoy and watched on in delight as the chef/owner stretched out the oily, elastic dough in front of my eyes and popped it onto the grill to fry to crispy, flaky perfection. Served with a bit of dahl and some of their great chilli sambal and best eaten with your fingers, for $6.50 it’s the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime snack and once you’ve had one you’ll know why it’s an absolute staple of Malaysian food culture.

Given the name of the joint it would have been rude of me not to wash it all down with a kopi (sweet Malaysian style coffee). If you’re looking for a finely nuanced brew full of great coffee flavour then you’d probably best give it a miss. However, if you’re looking for a sugary caffeine hit to go with your meal (which is what they’re chasing in Malaysia) then give it a go when you’re there. In short, this little black duck is super happy that he now has some fantastic, authentic, cheap Malaysian food in easy walking distance from his house, but is also a little worried that he might never cook lunch at home ever again…

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