The Secret To Planning A Work Do Without The Stress

Planning a workplace event like a staff party or team building day can be really stressful. The whole office (and your bosses in particular) is expecting you to make things a success, so if it all goes wrong then it’s going to reflect badly upon you.

Good corporate functions are really important as they give your team a chance to bond, which leads to a better environment and, ultimately, a happier and more productive workplace.

Throwing a sub-par work do means that you miss out on the opportunity to make this happen. A really bad one can mean that you actually cause discomfort and embarrassment and negatively affect your workplace environment.

What Can Go Wrong?

While we don’t want to freak you out unnecessarily, here’s a list of things that can potentially go wrong with your next corporate function:

  • People are really bored and things get awkward.
  • People get really drunk and behave inappropriately.
  • Some people hate what you’ve chosen, which causes division..
  • The food & drinks are really bad.
  • There isn’t enough food & drink.
  • Things are poorly organised and disjointed.
  • The venue you choose is inappropriate.

We could go on, but we’ll stop there.

How Can You Avoid The Stress?

Planning a truly great workplace event or corporate function actually takes a lot of time, skill, knowledge and expertise. Just because you’re great at what you do doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to be great at organising an event for the whole company. This means that it can be a very stressful and unpleasant process if you’re not good at handling that kind of pressure.

So what if we told you that there’s a way to take all of the stress and hassle out of planning your next work event while simultaneously ensuring that it’ll be a huge hit? It’s true!

Book A Food Loose Awesome Eating Adventure

At Food Loose, planning amazing workplace events is literally what we do! Our custom food tours have been specially designed to make sure that you and all of your workmates have an absolutely fantastic time.

We’ll put together a unique itinerary suited to your budget that will introduce you to a variety of awesome venues, provide some fun activities to get everyone mingling and make sure that everyone has plenty of amazing food & drink along the way. It really is the kind of event that everyone will love!

Even better than that, we do all the hard work of organising everything and making sure it all runs smoothly on the day. This means that you’re free to actually participate and enjoy yourself.

After your tour, you’ll also be able to sit back and take the credit for organising such a showstopping event. It really is a win-win situation!

If you have an upcoming event and want to take the stress out of arranging it, get in touch by clicking the link below to fill out the form or emailing us at info@foodloosetours.com.au.

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